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The CEO says his grandfather’s memory is the driving force behind making Lendistry the largest African-American community lending institution in the country.

Read Everett Sands’ biography and check out his LinkedIn to see all the standard fame you’d expect from a bank CEO. What most people call for Ivy League education, corporate experience in black-owned banks, and a pristine banking career in Wells Fargo. But Everett Sands and Lendistry are more than just a typical bank or lender, and Sands is more than a typical bank CEO.

According to Sands, Lendistry is the perfect formula for combining the speed and convenience of technology, the knowledge and guidance of responsible lending professionals, and the investment capital of socially influential banks and national banks. Sands said: “Our mission is to provide financial opportunities and progressive growth to small business owners and their poorly serviced communities as a source of financing and financial education. Responsible lending for the benefit of both investors is at the heart of Lendistry’s culture. “

Sands took the time out of his busy schedule and talked directly to Sentinel. He wanted the community to know that both he and Lendistry are far more than your typical lender.

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Sands graduated from high school at St. Paul’s School, a prestigious college in Concord, New Hampshire. After that, I attended the University of Pennsylvania and obtained a bachelor’s degree in Japanese economics. The Education Foundation provided Sands with the knowledge he needed to lead a traditional lending institution, but it was his driving to make Lendistry the largest blacklead lending institution in the country. It is said to be a personal and family experience. He says his motive began with his grandfather, who opened the first tailor and school in Washington, DC in 1939. His grandfather’s business was so successful that his grandfather was the first African-American to receive a contract from the United States Army.

He says his grandfather’s business has grown, but like many black-owned businesses, some bad financial and tax advice ultimately hurt the business. That experience drives Sands to support all businesses. “By understanding what happened to my grandfather, I see every business as if it were. [my] Except for grandfathers, Lendistry or Everett, their business probably won’t grow and their business must be integrated. Sands says this is the motivation for him to work longer, harder and push his team to a height where few banks have ever achieved it. “Business is a great builder of wealth in our community. I wish I were there for him (my grandfather), he’s definitely part of the fire that keeps me moving,” Sands said. say.

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