Op-Ed: Ron Galperin, ‘A turning point to meeting our challenges together’

Publishers Note: WEHOville is proud to present a series of editorials from all the candidates for LA County Supervisor which serves West Hollywood. Here once again is Richard Bloom’s editorial and West Hollywood Councilmember and current Mayor Lindsey Horvath’s editorial.

And now.. once again, meet the LA City Controller Ron Galperin exclusively in WEHOville!

This week marked an exciting turning point in Los Angeles — as our state fully reopened and those who are fully vaccinated can now go mask-less in most public settings.

But it isn’t enough to just go back to the way things were. Southern California — and West Hollywood — have always been the home of creativity, innovation and dreams. As we begin to emerge from more than a year of COVID-19, we face enormous challenges. Among these are revitalizing our economy, homelessness, affordable housing, poverty, transportation, justice reform and climate change. These challenges predate COVID-19 yet have become all the more urgent as we begin to emerge from 15 months of social distancing. I am running for the L.A. County Supervisor in the 3rd District (which includes the great City of West Hollywood) to tackle these problems head-on.

Doing more of the same isn’t an option. The world around us is changing rapidly, and government has to keep up — and even be ahead of the curve in anticipating needs and shaping better communities.

It’s been my privilege to serve asL.A.’s elected Controllersince 2013. In that capacity, I’ve been the watchdog for the people, working to ensure that public dollars are spent transparently, efficiently and effectively, while also overseeing the City’s finances and reducing government fraud and waste.

I came into public office with a background as a journalist, attorney and business person. I kept wanting to know where our money was going and why our government wasn’t often getting the results we should be seeing. That got me involved in my neighborhood association, Neighborhood Council, then as a City and as a County commissioner — and eventually running for public office. What I wanted to bring was an independent voice — working within government, but at the same time with an outside perspective.

Community service is something with which I grew up. My parents were both immigrants to America and I’m the first in my family born here. My father escaped the Holocaust where many of his family members were tragically killed. He and my mother started a new life in the U.S., arriving with only a few basic sentences in English — but they learned. Both had early careers as opera singers and my father went on to a career as a Rabbi and a principal; my mother as an educator. Fortunately, my parents were able to create a very good life for themselves and their kids, but for so many today, it’s a struggle. And my parents taught me that our greatest calling in life is to be engaged, to do and to give. That’s what’s guided me.

In my role as Controller…

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