OpenBids improves the home buying experience by replacing blind bidding with

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When it comes to the real estate market, the practices and protocols are yet to embrace technology like many other sectors, including finance and transportation. While you can search for property listings online, the bidding and offer processes are often handled solely offline by realtors. These processes are old-fashioned and often disadvantageous for all parties involved. In order to improve the experience for buyers and sellers, the real estate market desperately needs to start integrating the use of modern technology. 

In Ontario, there’s been growing frustration surrounding the outdated practices and the use of blind offer processes within bidding wars.

“The experience can be discouraging, a hopeful buyer competing with dozens of bidders for homes they can barely afford and repeatedly losing out,” says Tim Hudak, CEO of Ontario Real Estate Association (OREA). “They’ve lost sleep wondering whether their own bid is uncompetitive or more than they really need to pay. It’s not surprising some may wonder whether there’s a different way.”

With the goal of replacing blind bidding wars with transparent bidding, OpenBids has its sights initially set on Ontario. The platform provides a neutral space for buyers to bid on properties while having the ability to view competing bids when submitting their own offers. OpenBids is not a brokerage but a company that uses technology to infuse the real estate market with transparency and honesty.


Through the use of OpenBids, buyers can bid more confidently and sellers who register their property on the website can receive more offers. The amount of interested buyers often increases as those who traditionally strayed away from blind bidding wars now feel comfortable submitting an offer.

“The Real Estate Council of Ontario (RECO) cited that in Q1 of 2021, complaints have gone up by 38 per cent,” says Ed Wong, cofounder of OpenBids. “It’s clear that a lot of people are fed up with how the processes work. We feel that the solution we’re offering will help rectify many of these complaints and make it an even playing field for everyone involved.”

OpenBids Team on Zoom

OpenBids was developed by cofounders Pavel Demeshchik and Ed Wong after having had their own disheartening experiences when purchasing their first homes. 

After Wong submitted a bid for his dream property, he was quickly informed the bid was not high enough and he needed to increase his offer. Already at his maximum and unwilling to readjust the bid, Wong walked away from the bidding war. 

“Once I had stated that we weren’t going to be increasing the bid, I was immediately told that we did, in fact, have the highest bid and that the property was ours.”

While Wong was…

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