UAE: Expo 2020 creating thousands of jobs in Dubai, industry experts – News

Event is expected to draw millions of visitors to Dubai.

With a little more than three months to the official opening, the Expo 2020 Dubai will generate thousands of jobs in the UAE market, and give a boost to the economy, according to HR consultancies and industry experts.

Dubbed the world’s biggest show, the world fair that will be held between October 1 and April 1, is expected to draw millions of visitors to Dubai.

The world flocking to Dubai means more customers to businesses, which will, in turn, encourage them to have more hands-on the deck, especially in the service industries, said HR firms.

“Expo 2020 will impact Dubai’s economy and we are predicting a huge influx of jobs in the region especially within travel tourism, real estate, retail, events and exhibition, technology and software consultancy, marketing and media, engineering, security, logistics, health and safety, procurement and finance and most importantly hospitality,” said Mayank Patel, Country Head Middle East, Adecco a global HR Solutions firm.

“As Dubai already is a business hub for leading industries especially real estate, hospitality and technology, but with Expo 2020 in the vicinity, the attractiveness is set to intensify further,” he added.

The year 2020 was one of the worst years for businesses as they were hit hard by Covid-triggered lockdowns and border closures. Many were forced to lay off people and downsize to survive. With better prospects in 2021 as Dubai gradually reopened thanks to the mass vaccination drive, many hard-hit industries especially travel, hospitality and aviation are bouncing back.

Raj Rishi Singh, Chief Business Officer, GCC, at MakeMyTrip said Dubai Expo – one of the biggest global events post-pandemic with people in physical attendance – will boost jobs in the travel and tourism sector.

“As we countdown to Dubai Expo, we are confident that travel demand will see a spurt in growth during this period.”

He said international travellers are likely to club their visit to the Expo with a short vacation to some of the leisure hotspots across the region.

“In the coming months, as demand returns in full capacity for both, leisure and business travel to the region, we are hopeful that the industry will throw up new work opportunities for a skilled workforce with deep travel and hospitality domain expertise.”

Demand for drivers

With more than 25 million new visitors to the city, the demand for transportation is expected to skyrocket. Foreseeing the demand, many companies are already hiring.

A spokesperson for Careem, a car-hiring company said, “We are working with partner companies to have a sufficient amount of Captains available to provide excellent service to Expo visitors.”

Soham Shah, Founder of, a car rental company, said they are looking to add 3000 to 3500 new cars to meet the EXPO demand.

“As an industry, we are looking at a high potential demand for six to nine months or even a…

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