What is the best doormat for outside?

Best outdoor doormat

Before you welcome guests into your home, they’ll be greeted by your doormat. While doormats don’t have the most glamorous job, they are somewhat of a necessity. They prevent excess dirt, debris and moisture from entering your home. They’re also a focal point in your doorway — which is why many consumers choose aesthetically-pleasing ones.

Need help choosing a doormat? Our buying guide will point you in the right direction and includes a few of our top choices at the end. Leading our shortlist is Amagabeli Outside Doormat, an absorbent design well-suited for year-round use. 

What to know before you buy an outdoor doormat

Doormat size

There isn’t a standard size for doormats, though the most common dimensions are 18 by 30 inches. Larger doormats, however, can be as large as 24 by 36 inches. 

If your home has double front doors, you’ll find a few extra-long doormats that measure up to 65 inches. Another option is to buy a pair of matching doormats and push them together. 

Doormat material

The most common materials for doormats include nylon, polyester, cotton, straw and coir (better known as coconut fiber). These materials excel at scraping dirt and debris from footwear, but they won’t last through too many years of use.

More durable doormats are made of rubber, aluminum or AstroTurf. Besides holding up better to frequent scraping, they fare well in most weather conditions. Higher price tags accompany their longer lifespans. 

Doormat thickness

Doormats are designed to be low-profile so they don’t interfere with a door opening or closing. There are a few higher-pile doormats, though they’re not as popular unless your front door is elevated from the porch or landing. 

Unique doormat designs

Besides being functional, many doormats often have curb appeal. Some feature custom text or imagery. Others are cut into novelty shapes like flowers, fish or geometric designs. You’ll also find a wide variety of seasonal doormats. 

What to look for in a quality outdoor doormat

Anti-skid doormats

Well-made doormats have anti-skid features that secure them while you wipe your footwear. These doormats typically have textured backings featuring rubber or silicone nubs that grip the porch or concrete. A few doormats also have this detail on the top side to prevent you from slipping or skidding as you walk over them.

Water-resistant doormats

Water-resistance is considered a desirable feature in doormats for multiple reasons. For one, it means they’ll withstand rainy or snowy weather well. Water-resistant doormats also dry more quickly than other doormats, mainly because moisture beads off instead of being absorbed. 

Doormats with scrapers

Some doormats have built-in scraping devices consisting of a textured surface or brush that effectively removes debris from footwear. These are considered particularly helpful if you normally trek through snowy or muddy areas.

Indoor vs. outdoor doormats

There are a few…

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